Species: Human

Appearances: XWP: S1: Chariots of War

Family: father, Cycnus; brother, Stentor

Bio: Sphaerus had been the son of the warlord Cycnus, though much like his late brother Stentor, he hadn't been cut out for the warrior life. According to Sphaerus, his father had been overbearing, making him do things he'd later regretted. When Cycnus had laid claim to a valley occupied by pacifist Trojans, Sphaerus had been sent to attack them, only for Xena the Warrior Princess to intervene. He'd wounded her with an arrow to the gut for her troubles, but contrary to what Sphaerus had thought, the wound hadn't been fatal. Nonetheless, he'd bragged to his father about killing Xena, but even that hadn't seemed to impress the bloodthirsty warlord. Later, Cycnus had arranged peace talks with the pacifists, ordering Sphaerus to kill them as they'd assembled in the town meeting hall. Fortunately, not only had Xena thwarted the attempted slaughter, but Sphaerus had lost his nerve in the first place. Disgusted with his son, Cycnus had then told Sphaerus that his brother Stentor had been killed by Xena at the Battle of Corinth, sparking a bloodlust in Sphaerus. However, when they'd gone to confront Xena, Sphaerus had learnt the truth: Stentor had come to Xena under a banner of peace and his own men had killed him for it. Turning on Cycnus for his lies, Sphaerus had prepared to kill him, but Xena had done it instead, sparing Sphaerus from becoming a killer. Sphaerus had then expressed interest in organizing genuine peace talks between himself and the community of pacifists.

Played By: Stuart Turner