Species: Human

Aliases: The Warrior Princess, Destroyer of Nations, Miss Amphipolis, Wealthea

Appearances: XWP S1 - S6; HTLJ: S1: The Warrior Princess, The Gauntlet, Unchained Heart; S3: Judgment Day; S4: Armageddon Now, Part 1, Armageddon Now, Part 2

Family: parents, Cyrene and Atrius; brothers, Toris and Lyceus; son, Solan; daughter, Eve; descendant, Melinda 'Mel' Pappas

Bio: Born in the village of Amphipolis, Xena had been the middle child of Cyrene, a tavernkeeper, and her husband Atrius. When Amphipolis had been attacked by the warlord Cortese, Xena had led a defense that had resulted in the death of her younger brother Lyceus, as well as several others. To ensure that her village would never again be vulnerable to attack, she had begun forcibly recruiting allies from nearby villages, eventually leading her to become a pirate. One day, while raiding and looting, she had managed to capture Roman nobleman Julius Caesar, deciding to ransom him. While awaiting the ransom, Xena had begun to fall in love with him, and had come to believe he'd reciprocated her feelings. However, after trading him for the ransom, he'd betrayed her, capturing her and having her legs broken before leaving her to die. She'd been saved, though, but M'Lila, a slave girl who had taught Xena pressure points. Unfortunately, Caesar's men had tracked them down, and M'Lila had been killed trying to protect Xena. Enraged, Xena had killed Caesar's men, telling one of them to warn Hades that a new Xena had been born that night, with a new purpose in life: death. Still crippled from Caesar's betrayal, Xena had next encountered the warlord Borias, and had managed to seduce him away from his wife and son. The two had then traveled to China, where they'd met Lao Ma, the woman who would go on to become Xena's mentor as well as one of the most influential people in her life. Lao Ma had healed Xena's leg, then had taught Xena how to tap into an inner power. She'd intended for Xena to be her Warrior Princess, helping her keep the peace throughout the kingdom of Chin, but when Xena and Borias had killed Ming Tsu and had tried to kill her son Ming T'ien, Lao Ma had used her powers to fend them off, before banishing them from her land. From there, Xena and Borias had made their way to Japan, where Xena had befriended a young woman named Akemi. Using pressure points taught to her by Xena, Akemi had killed her evil father Yodoshi, before killing herself and requesting that Xena take her ashes to the family shrine. While trying to honor Akemi's wishes, however, Xena had inadvertently caused a fire that had killed approximately 40,000 people. She and Borias had then headed to Siberia, where they'd been approached by Alti, an evil shamaness who'd correctly guessed that Xena was pregnant even though she hadn't told anyone, not even Borias. Calling Xena the Destroyer of Nations, Alti had manipulated her into killing several Amazon leaders, including Siberian Amazon queen Cyane, thusly crippling the Amazon nation. During Xena's time with Alti, Borias had grown distrustful of the shamaness, causing a rift between him and Xena. That rift had only come to a head when Alti had sent Xena after the Ixion Stone, which had been guarded by Centaurs. In her quest for the stone, Xena had instigated the Battle of Corinth, during which Borias had sided with the Centaurs and had parted ways with Xena. However, when Xena had later gone into labor, Borias had snuck into her camp to take her and their unborn child away, only to be caught and mortally wounded by Dagnine, Xena's then-lieutenant. Xena had then given up her and Borias's son Solan to be raised by the Centaur Kaleipus so as to keep him from becoming a target for her enemies. She'd then ventured to the Norselands, where she'd met Norse god Odin and become one of his Valkyries. She'd eventually tricked him into revealing where the powerful rheingold had been hidden, before retrieving it from the innocent Rhein Maidens and forging it into a ring. Before she could've used the ring, though, a Valkyrie by the name of Grinhilda had taken it and put it on, giving her a surge of god-like power but in the process sacrificing what Grinhilda had valued most: her beauty and humanity. Returning to Greece empty-handed, Xena had gathered a new army, and had attacked the village of Cirra. During the attack, a fire had broken out, killing most of the villagers, women and children included. Among the survivors had been a young girl named Callisto, who'd eventually become a warrior with skills to rival Xena herself. Years after the attack on Cirra, Xena had tried to make a name for himself by taking down the demigod Hercules. To do this, she'd seduced his best friend and sidekick, Iolaus, and had nearly succeeded in driving a wedge between him and Hercules, when the two had caught on to her plan and she'd been foiled. Months later, after Xena had saved a baby from being killed by her army, her lieutenant, Darphus, had feared she'd been growing soft and so had made her run a gauntlet, with her own men trying to beat her as she'd passed. She'd survived, though, and had teamed up with Hercules to get her army back, in the process having changing for the better. After seeing the error of her evil ways, she'd set off on a path of redemption, in the process befriending a young bard by the name of Gabrielle. Approximately five years later, after many trials and tribulations together, Xena and Gabrille had been crucified on Caesar's orders. However, they'd then been resurrected by their friend Eli, with help from Callisto, who by that time had become an angel. To make amends for all the pain she'd caused Xena, including being instrumental in the murder of Xena's son Solan, Callisto had placed her hand over Xena's abdomen and supernaturally impregnated her, choosing to be reborn as Xena's daughter Eve. Approximately nine months later, as Xena had gone into labor, the Fates had prophesied that Xena's child would bring about the end of the Olympians, inciting most of the Greek gods to make attempts on Eve's life. In order to save Eve, Xena and Gabrielle had faked theirs and Eve's deaths, using the tears of the goddess Celesta to simulate a death-like state. However, Xena's former lover/mentor Ares had been unaware that they were still alive, and had consequently placed Xena and Gabrielle in coffins of ice hidden away inside of a mountain. Twenty-five years later, Xena and Gabrielle had awoken to find that their friend Joxer was now an old man, and that Eve was all grown up, having been raised by Octavius, Xena's Roman ally. What's more, Eve, having no idea of her real identity, had been calling herself Livia, and had been acting as Rome's champion, killing and enslaving the enemies of Rome with impunity. With help from Eli's spirit, Xena and Gabrielle had managed to convince Eve of who she really was, as well as turning her away from her violent ways and setting her on the path of peace. About a year later, Xena had returned to Japan with Gabrielle, this time to defeat the spirit of the evil Yodoshi and set free all the innocent spirits he'd consumed since his daughter Akemi had killed him. While there, Xena had sacrificed herself to avenge the 40,000 people she'd accidentally killed all those years ago, in the process finally atoning for her evil ways. Presumably, she'd then went on to be reincarnated as Arminestra, the Mother of Peace, and later, Harry, a modern-day doctor.

Played By: Lucy Lawless & Renee Schuda (as young Xena)