Species: Human

Appearances: XWP: S1: Chariots of War

Family: late wife, unknown; sons, Argolis and Lykus; daughter, Sarita

Bio: Darius had been a widower and single father, as well as a member of a community of pacifist Trojans. When Xena the Warrior Princess had been injured defending his village from a warlord attack, he'd allowed her to stay on his farm to recuperate. Even after he'd been warned about Xena's violent reputation, he'd been grateful to Xena for saving one of his sons, and had continued to nurse her back to health. As Xena had been recovering, she and Darius had started to develop feelings for one other, while his children had taken a shine to her, so much so that Darius's youngest, Sarita, had started talking again for the first time since their mother had died. Xena had confessed she'd never thought about having a home and a family until she'd met them, but unfortunately, she'd had to move on on her path of redemption. She had been sorry to leave, just as Darius and his children had been sad to see her go.

Played By: Nick Kokotakis