Species: Human

Appearances: XWP: S1: Dreamworker

Family: unknown

Bio: Elkton had been a mystic and the head priest of the god Morpheus. As head priest, Elkton had ensured that the worship of Morpheus had been peaceful and joyous. That had all changed, however, when the priest Manus had taken over, blinding Elkton and instituting sacrifices of young, innocent women. After Manus had abducted one such woman, Gabrielle, to be sacrificed, Elkton had helped Gabrielle's friend Xena rescue her. He'd sent Xena through Morpheus's Dreamscape, where she'd been confronted by the demons of her past, including all the people she'd killed when she'd been evil. Once Xena had finally reached Gabrielle and saved her, Elkton had been reinstated as head priest, his sight had been restored, and he'd put Manus in his own Dreamscape to let his own past demons decide his fate.

Played By: Desmond Kelly