Species: Human

Aliases: Princess Gabrielle, Queen Gabrielle, The Marquessa

Appearances: XWP: S1 - S6; HTLJ: S3: Judgment Day; S4: Armageddon Now, Part 2

Family: parents, Hecuba and Herodotus; sister, Lila; Amazon sister, Ephiny; late husband, Perdicas; daughter, Hope; grandson, The Destroyer; niece, Sarah; 'nephew', Xenan; descendant, Janice Covington

Bio: Born in the small village of Potidea, Gabrielle was the eldest daughter of Herodotus, a farmer, and his wife Hecuba. As a young woman, she'd met Xena, the Warrior Princess, after Xena had saved her village from being enslaved by the warlord Draco. Unaware of Xena's evil past, Gabrielle had taken an instant liking to her, and had decided to leave home to travel the world with her. Months later, Gabrielle had become an Amazon princess after Terreis, an Amazon she had tried and failed to save, had passed on her rite of caste. About a year later, she'd run into Perdicas, a man her parents had chosen for her to marry back in Potidea, and they'd wound up tying the knot. However, their wedded bliss had been cut short when evil warrioress Callisto had killed Perdicas, inducing a murderous rage in Gabrielle. Thankfully, Xena had been able to keep Gabrielle from killing Callisto and thereby losing her blood innocence. However, about a year later, she'd been tricked into killing a priestess, Meridian, by Khrafstar, the Deliverer of the evil being known as Dahak. This loss of her blood innocence had then left her open to being impregnated with Dahak's evil seed, and within a matter of days, she'd given birth to a baby girl she'd named Hope. Gabrielle had argued that despite her evil heritage, Hope could be raised to be good, while Xena had insisted that the child was evil to the core. Even after Hope had strangled a man to death within hours of being born, Gabrielle had refused to believe Hope was evil, and had sent her down a river in a basket to save her from Xena, all while making Xena think that Hope was dead. That decision eventually came back to haunt her, when, months later, she'd run into Hope as a preteen while she and Xena had been visiting Xena's son Solan. Conspiring with Callisto, Hope had killed Solan, hoping to break Xena's spirit and clearing the way for Dahak. Finally realizing that Hope was evil, Gabrielle had poisoned her daughter, before burning Hope's body on an Amazon funeral pyre alongside Solan. A little over a year later, Gabrielle had discovered the Way of Love, as taught to her by her friend Eli. She'd kept to the path pretty faithfully, until she'd been forced to fight back in order to save Xena from Roman soldiers. Unfortunately, her straying from the Way of Love had been unable to save either herself or Xena from being crucified on Julius Caesar's orders. As she and Xena had ascended into Heaven, demons led by Callisto had attacked, dragging Gabrielle back down to Hell with them. Xena had managed to save her, but guilt had driven Xena to sacrifice her 'light' to help redeem Callisto, leaving Xena in Hell as an arch-demon and Callisto in Heaven as an angel. As Xena and her fellow demons had then launched an assault on Heaven, Callisto had helped their friend Eli resurrect Xena and Gabrielle, and had then impregnated Xena, hoping to both make up for the pain she'd caused the other woman and to be reborn as Xena's child. Months later, with most of the Greek gods after her, Xena, and Xena's newborn daughter Eve, they'd faked their death using the tears of Celesta, the embodiment of death. Unfortunately, Xena's former lover/mentor Ares had failed to realize they were actually still alive, and so, while Eve had been raised by Octavius, Ares had placed Xena and Gabrielle in icy coffins hidden away inside a mountain. Twenty-five years later, they'd awoken to find their friend Joxer was an old man, and that Eve was all grown up and going by the name Livia. After convincing Eve of her real identity, she and Xena had gone to visit her sister Lila, only to find that not only were their parents Hecuba and Herodotus dead, but Gabrielle's brother-in-law had been killed and her niece, Sarah, had been kidnapped by a warlord named Gurkhan. Distraught, she'd embarked with Xena, Eve, and Joxer's son Virgil to rescue Sarah and avenge the death of Gabrielle's parents and brother-in-law. Months later, she and Xena had traveled to Japan, where Xena had sacrificed her life to save innocent souls from the evil Yodoshi but to also atone for the 40,000 people she'd accidentally killed the last time she was there. Presumably, after Gabrielle's eventual death, she'd gone on to be reincarnated as a warrior named Shakti, as well as Mattie, a modern-day past-life counselor.

Played By: Renée O'Connor & Susan Wood (singing voice)