Species: Human

Appearances: XWP: S1: Sins of the Past; S2: A Comedy of Eros; S5: Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire

Family: father, unknown

Bio: Draco had been a notorious warlord, one with a personal history with Xena the Warrior Princess, as well as being the son of a blacksmith. At some point in his and Xena's history, he'd tried to get rough with her, and in return, she'd left him a facial scar to remember her by. Years later, she'd thwarted his men, led by his lieutenant Hector, as they'd tried to pillage the village of Potidea, home to the now-legendary bard Gabrielle. Xena had then approached Draco in his camp, asking him to spare the village as a favor to her. At first, Draco had offered to do as she'd asked only if she'd join with him as his consort, but she'd turned him down, explaining that she was going home to Amphipolis to make amends for her past. That's when Draco had revealed that he'd tried to go home once, only for his father to beat him nearly to death with a blacksmith's hammer. In the end, though, he'd done as she'd asked, for "old times' sake," and instead had decided to follow Xena home. He'd then had his men march on Amphipolis bearing her banner and chanting her name, all in an attempt to show her that she can never go home again as well as to show her that her place was by his side. However, Xena had challenged him to a fight on some scaffolding, the deal being that the first one to touch the ground loses. They'd wound up balancing on the heads of the townspeople, but in the end, Xena had triumphed, making Draco promise to leave the valley by sundown. He'd made good on his word, even killing his man Gar when Gar had tried to kill Xena. Xena and Gabrielle had next run into Draco as he'd been trying to round up Hestian virgins to sell to the slaver Pinullus. Complicating matters was Cupid's son Baby Bliss, who had gotten loose with his father's bow and arrows and had proceeded to cause havoc by making random mortals fall in love with the first person they saw. Draco had been one such victim, falling in love with Gabrielle, who had then rejected him repeatedly. Cupid had eventually put everything back to normal, except for Draco at Xena's urging, as Draco had decided to impress Gabrielle by trying to turn over a new leaf (in his own way, at least). Eventually, Draco had learned that the muse Terpsichore had hidden lyres all over the world as way of spreading music, and had managed to locate one in Amazon territory, sparking a war with the local Amazon tribe when he and his men had unearthed it. Xena had stepped in, however, turning the war into a battle of the bands, to be held in nearby Melodia, music capital of Greece. Draco and his men had entered the contest, intending to win the lyre so as to woo Gabrielle. However, after she'd spurned him yet again, he'd kidnapped her out of frustration, and had made her part of his band's act. She'd managed to free herself, though, escaping into the crowd. Draco had followed, intending to kill her, but Xena had stopped him, challenging him to a rap battle as well as a fight similar to the one they'd had in Amphipolis. She'd once again soundly defeated him, and after tying up him and his men, had learned that she'd won Terpsichore's lyre. Though flattered, she'd decided to give it to the people of Melodia.

Played By: Jay Laga'aia