Species: Human

Appearances: XWP: S1: Sins of the Past

Family: unknown

Bio: Hector had been the lieutenant for the warlord Draco. While pillaging the village of Potidea, home to the now-legendary bard Gabrielle, Hector and his men had been confronted by Xena the Warrior Princess. Mistaking Xena for one of the villagers, Hector had gone to 'teach Xena a lesson', only to get soundly beaten. Recognizing him as one of Draco's men, Xena had slashed Hector's throat, sending him back to Draco with a message: "Xena says 'hello'." Humiliated, Hector had returned to Draco's camp, vowing to kill Xena the next time he saw her. Draco had then sent Hector to follow Xena as she'd been heading home to Amphipolis, but unfortunately for Hector, Xena had deduced she was being followed and had confronted him, getting him to spill Draco's plan to torch her village and blame her. Back at Draco's camp later, Draco had become (understandably) upset that Xena knew of his plans, and had killed Hector, promoting his man Gar to lieutenant.

Played By: Stephen Hall