King Gregor

Species: Human

Appearances: XWP: S1: Cradle of Hope; S3: The Dirty Half Dozen (mentioned)

Family: late wife, unknown; son, unknown; wife, Pandora; adopted son, Gabriel

Bio: Gregor had been a king who had lost his wife and infant son in childbirth. Six months later, an oracle had predicted that a baby boy born to one of Gregor's servants would one day sit on Gregor's throne. Worried the baby would grow to usurp Gregor, his advisor Nemos had gone to track the child down. He'd found the baby in the care of Xena the Warrior Princess and her friend Gabrielle, as well as their new friend Pandora, granddaughter of the legendary Pandora and keeper of Pandora's box. While Nemos had failed to abscond with the baby, he'd managed to snag Pandora's box, which had needed to be reset every so often or the box would open, releasing hope. While retrieving the box from Gregor's castle, Xena had learned about Gregor's wife and child, and had come to a realization about the oracle's prophecy. She'd then handed the baby over to King Gregor, insisting that the child was meant to sit on Gregor's throne as his heir and not as an usurper. So, Gregor had adopted the child, naming him after Gabrielle at Xena's insistence. He'd also asked Pandora to stay and be a mother to the child, offering to keep the box secure in his castle where she could reset it once a day (even though Xena and Gabrielle had learned that the box was, in fact, empty). A couple of years later, while trying to steal back the metal of Hephaestus from Ares and his then-protege Agathon, Xena had called upon King Gregor for help, asking him to mobilize his army in order to make Agathon believe they were going to attack. Unfortunately, the plan had backfired, and Agathon had realized the army wasn't going to attack.

Played By: Edward Newborn