Species: Human

Appearances: XWP: S1: Cradle of Hope

Family: unknown

Bio: Nemos had been King Gregor's advisor. When an oracle had predicted that a baby boy born to one of Gregor's servants would one day sit on Gregor's throne, both Nemos and Gregor had assumed that the baby would grow to usurp the king, and had begun their search for the child. Nemos had eventually found the baby in the care of Xena the Warrior Princess and her friend Gabrielle, as well as their new friend Pandora, granddaughter of the legendary Pandora and keeper of Pandora's box. While Nemos had failed to abscond with the baby, he'd managed to snag the box, which had needed to be reset by Pandora every so often or the box would open, releasing hope. While retrieving the box from Gregor's castle, Xena had learned that Gregor's wife and son had died in childbirth just six months prior, and had come to the realization that the baby, who had lost his mother, was meant to sit on Gregor's throne as his heir and not as an usurper.

Played By: Simon Prast