Species: Human

Appearances: XWP: S1: Sins of the Past, The Prodigal; S3: The Bitter Suite; S4: A Family Affair, Takes One to Know One; S6: Who Gurkhan?

Family: late husband, Lecter; parents, Hecuba and Herodotus; sister, Gabrielle; daughter, Sarah; brother-in-law, Perdicas; niece, Hope; great-nephew, The Destroyer

Bio: Born in the small village of Potidea, Lila had been the youngest child of farmers Herodotus and Hecuba, and sister to the legendary bard Gabrielle. As young women, Lila and Gabrielle had met Xena the Warrior Princess, who had stopped to save their village from the warlord Draco. Awed by Xena, Gabrielle had decided to leave home to travel the world and become a warrior like Xena. Lila had initially tried to dissuade her, pointing out that even she could beat up Gabrielle, but then, gave her support, hugging her sister goodbye and telling Gabrielle that she'd miss her. Months later, though, when Gabrielle had briefly returned home, Gabrielle had learned that in her absence, Lila had become jealous of Xena, resenting the fact that Gabrielle had seemingly chosen Xena over her. Thankfully, after having a sisterly talk (and teaming up to defend their village from the warlord Damon), Lila and Gabrielle had made up. It wasn't until a couple of years later that Gabrielle had visited her family again, though unknown to Lila and their parents, they'd also been visited by Gabrielle's evil, lookalike daughter Hope. While Hope had posed as her mother, her monstrous son The Destroyer had terrorized the village, killing various livestock and at least one villager, before both he and Hope had been stopped by Xena and Gabrielle. A few months later, Lila had journeyed to Cyrene's tavern in Amphipolis to join Gabrielle's loved ones in celebrating the bard's birthday. However, the murder of a bounty hunter, Ravenica, had put a severe damper on things, especially when Lila and the other partygoers had become the prime suspects. Fortunately, though, through some brilliant detective work, Xena had uncovered that Ravenica's death had been an accident, caused when Ravenica had tried to hobble Xena's horse Argo and Argo had kicked her in self-defense. About eighteen years later, Lila's grown daughter Sarah had been kidnapped by a raider named Gurkhan. From a merchant, Lila, her husband, and her parents had learned that Sarah had been taken to the walled city of Mogador in North Africa, where Gurkhan had made Sarah part of his harem. Herodotus, Hecuba, and Lila's husband had all left to try and buy her back, only for all three to be beheaded by Gurkhan. About eight years after that, twenty-five years after Gabrielle and Xena had seemingly gone missing, Gabrielle had shown up on Lila's doorstep, only to learn the fate of her parents and niece. Distraught, she, Xena, and their friend Virgil had then set off for North Africa, and had done what Gabrielle's parents and brother-in-law had failed to do: found and rescued Sarah.

Played By: Willa O'Neill